Advowsons of Kingsclere

An extract from the Hampshire volume (Vol. 4) of the Victoria County History of England, edited by W. Page and published in London by Constable & Co in 1908. The project was originally conceived as part of Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee celebrations, but it wasn't completed until over 20 years later and that some counties were never included.


There was a church in the parish in Saxon times. It was held by Queen Edith, widow of Edward the Confessor, until her death, when it reverted to William the Conqueror, who granted it together with 4 hides and 1 virgate of land in Kingsclere to Hyde Abbey in exchange of land in Winchester on which he built a royal palace. The advowson remained in the possession of Hyde Abbey for over a century, but eventually fell into the hands of Peter Fitz Herbert, lord of the manors of North Oakley and Wolverton. At the beginning of the 13th century he engaged in a dispute with Walter, Abbot of Hyde about his right to it, and in 1217 obtained a confirmation from the abbot in return for a charter granting the abbey 100lb. of wax yearly. This rent continued to be paid for a considerable period and in 1346 the Abbot of Hyde succeeded in recovering from the Prior of Bisham who was, at the time, the patron of the living, arrears of rent amounting to 2010 lbs. of wax.

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