FRANK BUTLER (1892 - 1977)
A Local Hero at Ypres

Gwen Butler - Bedbug Recorder - Issue 1


FRANK BUTLER was born in the Dell, Kingsclere in 1892, the youngest of twelve children. The family later lived at 6 Sunnyside from where he joined the army.

On 21 March 1912 he enlisted at Reading into the Royal Berkshire Regiment and subsequently joined the 1st Battalion. In those days the county regiments each had two battalions which rotated between service at home and throughout the British Empire and in normal times he would have expected to see a considerable amount of imperial service.

These were not normal times and Britain was already planning with Belgium and France on the measures to be taken in the event of the Germans mobilising against France. The guarantee of Belgian neutrality was the issue which caused Britain to enter the First World War.

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