Kingsclere Diaries

Facsimiles of Church Magazines 1891, 1893, 1899 - 1908

The following pages contain copies of the St Mary’s Church Parish magazine which have been extracted from the annual Kingsclere Diaries provided by the parish of Kingsclere for this period.

This data has been prepared and submitted by Paul E. Fay, the son of Emily Fay (nee Jewell) who is decendant of a long standing Kingsclere family. The data contained herein is for the use of any who may have an interest in the History of Kingsclere and the families of Kingsclere and are scanned images from the actual Diaries. The data has not been amended or altered in any way and represents a true and accurate reflection of Kingsclere parish life for the respective period according to the parish reports provided by the diary for that period.

The Diary for each year is a separate PDF file. Each year consists of 35-40 pages so they are large (10Mb) files and take some time to download more suitable for people having a broadband connection.

There are missing months - 1904 no July - 1905 no April or June - 1908 no April

1891 - 1893 - 1899 - 1900 - 1901 - 1902

1903 - 1904 - 1905 - 1906 - 1907 - 1908