Essays on the Early History of Kingsclere

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After nearly one hundred years the account of the Parish of Kingsclere in the Victoria County History of Hampshire remains the only adequate guide to its history. Inevitably of its time, it has something of an obsession with the ownership land, but still offers many firm pegs on which any future history may be hung.
These four essays together with the appendices and printed sources enlarge on certain aspects of the history of the parish before the Reformation. They are based, so far as possible, on the surviving records. Each essay was written with a different purpose in mind, so that there is some repetition.
Unfortunately the manorial records of Kingsclere Manor perished in the sack of Basing House, as likewise it would seem that some of the records of the Cathedral Church of Rouen perished in the fire of Easter 1200 which destroyed much of the town as well as the Cathedral.
It is to be hoped that these essays may encourage someone to produce a history of Kingsclere that is both readable and accurate.

Robert Legg
© January 2002


Page Title
1. Clere - A local habitation and a name
2. The manor of Clere and the canons of Rouen
3. The pre-reformation church in Kingsclere
4. The Forest of Wittingley or Freemantle

A1. Saxon Manors - 1066
A2. Domesday Manors - 1086
A3. List of Clergy - 1246-1543

1. Grant of Kingsclere church to the New Minster
2. The Domesday Survey
3. Henry I confirms grant of Kingsclere church
4. Henry I grants Manor of Clere to Rouen Cathedral
5. Grant of fair at Kingsclere
6. Manor of Clere let at farm
7. Licence to alienate Manor of Clere
8. Edward III sells advowson of Kingsclere Church
9. Advowson granted to Priory of Bisham