The Fauconer Family

1263 The name of Ralph Fauconer occurs in a grant of 1263, relating to Wyke or Week manor, St. Mary Bourne. In 1552 Richard Fauconer was seated at Hurstbourne Priors, of which mention occurs in the Visitation of Hampshire of that year. He married Elinor, daughter of George Ranbrigge, stated as of Pembridge, co. Hants, by whom he had Richard Fauconer, of Hurstbourne Priors, who d.s.p.,[decessit sine prole = died without issue] and two daughters Elizabeth and Margaret, the latter married to William Scotweel of Chute. Alice, sister and co-heir of Richard Fauconer, married Richard Kingsmill, surveyor or attorney of the Court of Wards. [A Perfect Booke, ed. Walter Money, (Newbury 1901) p.63].
1403 William of Wykham granted licence to William Fauconer and Margery his wife to have a chapel at their mansion in Kingsclere. [Wykeham's Reg. ii, p. 547].
1404 William obtained a forty years' lease of the chief manor of Kingsclere from John de Melton.[Pat 8 Hen. IV, pt., m.21]
1408 Richard Fauconer pardoned for the death of John Belmy or Belamy of Kingsclere. [Pat. 9 Hen. IV, pt. ii, m.24]
1413 William Fauconer died.[PCC Will, 28 Marche]
Richard Fauconer succeeds.[The Fauconer pedigree given in the visitation of 1634 starts with Richard Fauconer. Berry, Hants Genealogy. p. 297.]
? Richard died
? William son and heir of Richard succeeds
n.d. Plea of William Warbleton against William Faulkner in action which went to arbitration. Paper. French. [Winchester College Muniments, ii, p.559, no., 12431, n.d.]
1447 March 20. Award of Sir John Lysle, Sir John Seymour, Sir Stephen Popham, William Brocas and Thomas Uvedale Esquires, and Thomas de Haydocke, Thomas Dru, Robert Dynneley, Richard Holte and Michael Skyllyng between William Warbleton Esquire and William Fauconer Esquire touching partition between them of land in Kingsclere, Kingsclere Woodlands, Ecchinswell and Northhook (North Oakley), which formerly belonged to William Brockhurst, viz Fordesland, Coggesland, Hulleland, Hertislond, Sarislond, Wythesmede, Duxmede, Maydemede, Wakerygge, Ridellslond, and certain other land in Kingsclere and Ecchinswell, which formerly belonged to William Brockhurst and Juliana his wife or one of them. [WCM,ii, p.557, no.,12417]
1458 William Fauconer died. Widow Alianore [Eleanor], Thomas son and heir of William, daus. of William, Alice, Elizabeth, Margaret.
1458 May 6 Demise: Sir Robert Shotesbrok, Sir John Lysle, Richard Drayton Esq, Michael Skyllyng, Edmund Brudenell, Robert Fitz Elys, Nicholas Clopton, William Vachel, Thomas Lavey, John Burley and Richard Gunter, clerk to John Bourgh of messuage and 6 acres of land in Kingsclere for life, reversion to Alianore, widow of William Fauconer, for life, reversion to Thomas Fauconer and heirs male of his body, remainder to Margaret, Alice and Elizabeth daughters of said William Fauconer and heirs of their bodies, reversion to right heirs of William Fauconer. Witnesses: Thomas Uvedale, John Roggers, John Paulet, John Wayte, Thomas Hampton, Esquires. [Winchester College Muniments, ii, p.569, no.,12542]
1458 Thomas Fauconer, son and heir of William Fauconer [Berry, Hants Gen. 297.]
1493 Dame Eleanor Manners died [PCC Will, 6 Vox] she was the widow of William Fauconer, son and heir of Richard Fauconer [Berry, Hants Gen. 297.]
1510 Thomas [died] seised of the following:
1. Held of John Melton as of his manor of Kingsclere, 2 messuages, 105 acres of land, 20 acres of pasture, 10 acres of wood, 8 acres of moor, 120 acres of heath, and 3 acres of meadow of the yearly value of 4 marks.
2. Held of the Prior of Bisham, 9 messuages, 9 gardens, and 30 acres of land of the yearly value of 5 marks.
3.Held of the master and scholars of the college of St. Elizabeth next Winchester a messuage and lands. [Chan. Inq .PM, (ser. 2) xxv, 21]
1510 William Fauconer, son and heir of Thomas, aged forty and more. [Ibid.]
B? Peter, son and heir of Thomas, Fauconer , by his wife Elizabeth, daughter of John Atfield. He married Jane, daughter of Nicholas Withers, of Sydmonton, by whom he had a son, John Fauconer, married to Catherine, daughter of John Appleton, of Kingsclere. [A Perfect Booke, p. 63, see also-Ct. of Req. bdle.43, no 71]
1575 "Peter ffawkner, gent., of errable land in the ffieldes 120 ac., of pasture ground xl ac., of meadow ground xvj ac., of wood ground vij ac.[A Perfect Booke, p. 63.] "Peter ffalckoner, gent., for his land called Lynners and Newlandes vij buh. [Bushels of wheat". [Ibid. p.40]
1586 [Hampshire Lay Subsidy Rolls, p.79 no. 292] Lordshipp tithing, Peter Fawkner, gent is assessed at 22s. 8d (i.e. 1/15th) for land valued at £17.
1590 Peter Fauconer died having by will devised his property to his grandson Peter, son of his son Edward, in tail-male with contingent remainder in tail-male successively to his sons, John, William and Richard. [PCC Will, 84 Sainherbe]
1600 Peter died without issue. [Dorothy, sister of Peter and wife of Richard Ayliff, (heir of Peter?, so VCH]. [Chan. Inq. p.m. (ser. 2), cclxviii, 134.] The following is the description of the property of which Peter died seised: 2 messuages, 200 acres of land, 20 acres of meadow, 100 acres of pasture in Kingsclere; another messuage, 40 acres of land, and 3 acres of meadow in Kingsclere; 20 acres of land, 6 acres of meadow and 10 acres of pasture called Fordfeeldes and Duckemeade in Kingsclere; 6 acres o land called Maiden Meade; closes called Asheforde Hill and Readinges; parcels of land called Wakriges, Pasbures land and Vanpidles. [Chan. Inq. p.m. (ser. 2), cclxviii, 134.]
1600 Manor, mansion or dwelling house called Lymmers and the other property in the parish passed to Peter's uncle John. [Vide Ct of Req. bdl. 41, no. 3; bdle. 45, no. 48; bdle. 77, no. 83.]
1634 Thomas Fauconer, son of Thomas and grandson of John was living in 1634. [Berry, Hants Gen. 297.]
1665 Hampshire Hearth Tax Assessment: Hearths chargeable, Lordship Tithing: Esquire Fawkner 15, John Fawkner 1, Peter Fawkner 2
1670 by this date estate had passed to John Fauconer, who in that year suffered forfeiture for an assault made on 20 May 1669 on Sir Dowse Fuller. [Cal. S.P.Dom. 1670, p.627.]
1694 Mr John Fawconer presented to the Church two large patens, and soon after three smaller ones and another chalice. The gift of all six last-mentioned vessels was in accordance with the will of Mr. John Fawconer, a member of a very ancient family settled in the neighbourhood from earliest times.[A.T. Finch, The Story of the Parish Church at ClereFinch p. 15.]