The Manors of
Kingsclere Hundred

An extract from the Hampshire volume (Vol. 4) of the Victoria County History of England, edited by W. Page and published in London by Constable & Co in 1908. The project was originally conceived as part of Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee celebrations, but it wasn't completed until over 20 years later and then some counties were never included.

This page is a transcription from Robert Legg the following is the introduction to his transcription:-

Hampshire is fortunate in that it was the first county for which a Victoria County History was produced and remains an invaluable resource for those interested in the history of Kingsclere
Volume four, from which this extract is taken, was published in 1911, and although a good deal of new information has come to light, so far as I know there are only four points at which revision, as opposed to addition, is needed. These have been indicated in the text by notes within square brackets. None of these is of great moment, but it seemed worth while to draw attention to them. Page numbers and columns in the original text have been indicated thus [256b]

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