Pigot and Company's National Commercial Directory,
1830 and 1842

KINGSCLERE Etc.. - 1830

The Rev. John Mitchell is the present vicar. The charities, besides some of a trifling parochial nature, are a small free school, and another upon the national system. The only seat of consequence in this neighbourhood is Woolverton Park, about two miles hence, on the road to Basingstoke, lately purchased by his Grace the Duke of Wellington. The market is held on Tuesday, and the annual fair on the Tuesday after Michaelmas day, principally for the purpose of engaging agricultural servants. The parish of Kingsclere extends into the hundred of Evingar, and includes the chapelries of Sidmonton and Ecchinswell, together containing by the official returns of 1821, 2851 inhabitants.

Post Office, Market-place, Ann Chance Post Mistress. Letters arrive, by foot-post, from NEWBURY, every morning, during summer, at half-past eight, and at half-past nine during winter, and are despatched every evening a six, during summer and five during winter.

Gentry and Clergy
Carter Miss Elizabeth, Tower Hill St
Carter Thomas, gent, Field Gate
Curtis John, gent, Foxgrove House
Drummond J. esq. Kingsclere
Gillam Rev: Isaac, Vicarage
Milsome William, gent. North St
Poole Charles, esq. Kingsclere
Professional Persons
Bishop and Thompson, surgeons, Swan Street
Hill Jeremiah, surveyor, Market Place.
Holding William, attorney
Reeves John, surgeon, George St
Inns and Public Houses
Anchor, John Cooper, Anchor Yard, George St
Falcon, John Willis, Duke St
George & Horn, Benj. Butt, George St
Swan and posting house & excise office,
   Samuel Austin, Swan St
Shopkeepers and Traders
Baverstock Elizabeth, milliner and dressmaker, Swan St
Bew Eleanor, cooper, Swan St
Bradfield Richard, miller, Upper Mill
Brown Geo, schoolmaster, Duke St
Carter John, corn dealer, Swan St
Carter John, sacking and rope and twine maker, Marsh
Chamberlain Wm, retail brewer
Chance Ann, linen draper and grocer, Market Place
Clarke Robt, ironmonger, plumber, glazier
    and painter, George St
Cook John shoemaker &c, Market Pl
Coxhead Ann, wheelwright, Swan St
Cribb Benjamin, sacking, rope and twine maker, North St
Dale Henry, shopkeeper, George St
Drake John, tanner, North St
Drake William, brewer, Duke St
Hankin George, baker, plumber, glazier and painter North St
Head Eliza, shopkeeper, Duke St
Hoare Charles, boot and shoemaker, Tower Hill Street
Hobbs Elizabeth, saddler and harness maker, Swan St
Hutching Richard, baker, Swan St
Jennings John, corn miller, Town Mill, Duke Street
Miller John, watch and clock maker, Swan St
Phillips Mary, tailor, Swan St
Roake Jacob, linen draper and grocer, George St
Ruddle Ann, shopkeeper Tower hill St
Ruddle Henry, carpenter & Maltster, High St
Ruddle John, corn miller, Lower Mill
Seward James. blacksmith, farrier, parish clerk, George St
Sexey Elizabeth. schoolmistress, North St
Sharp Matthew, baker, North St
Sidery Wm, shoemaker, &c. Market Pl
Stroud John, butcher Duke St
Twitchin Andrew, maltster, George St
Twitchin Jn, ironmonger, Market Pl
Wallis John, blacksmith, Swan St
Wilson Saml, shoemaker, Swan St
Workhouse Marsh,
Jno Carter, master, Ann Carter, mistress
To ANDOVER, Benjamin Grubb, from his house North Street, every Saturday morning, goes through Whitchurch.
To BASINGSTOKE, Thomas Sellwood, from his house near the workhouse, every morning at nine - & John Thumbwood from the George and Horn, every Tuesday morning.
To ODIHAM John Thumbwood (from Newbury) calls at the George and Horn every Tuesday goes thro' Basingstoke
To WINCHESTER from the George and Horn, every Tuesday evening thro' Basingstoke


Kingsclere is a small market and hundred town in the division of Kingsclere, 55 miles w. by s. from London, 21 north from Winchester, 17½ S.S.W, from Reading, 9 N.E. by N. from Whitchurch, 7 S.E. by E. from Newbury (Berks) and 9 W. by N. from Basingstoke (a Station town on the London and South-Western Railway). The town which is situated in a finely wooded and rather hilly district, has nothing in its general appearance to attract curiosity or attention.
The principal trade carried on is malting, and the barley grown in the neighbouring hills is considered very fine.
A little above the town a beautiful and copious St ream rises, which, within a mile of its source, supplies several corn mills.
Lord Bolton of Hackwood, near Basingstoke, is lord of the manor. The government of the town and parish is chiefly vested in the county magistrates, who sit here once a month
The parish church of St . Mary is a stuccoed building, with a low tower; the living is a vicarage, in the presentation of Lord Bolton. The Weslyan Methodists have a place of worship in the Market-place, and there is a national school for boys and girls
The market is held on Tuesday, and a fair on the Tuesday after Michaelmas day.
Kingsclere parish (exclusive of Ecchinswell and Sidmonton chapelries) contained, in 1831, 2,532 persons, and at the last census (1841) 2,732.

Post Office, Market-place, Frederick Richard Chance, Post Master.-letters from all parts arrive every morning at half-past nine, and are despatched every afternoon at four

Gentry and Clergy
Bishop, Mr. John, Swan St
Carter Miss Elizbth, Tower Hill St
Curtis, Mr. Edwin., Swan St
Curtis Mr. John, Foxgrove House
Kingsmill Mr. William, Sidmonton House
Milsome, Mr. William, North St
Pole Rev. Richard, Wolverton
Simonds Blackall, esq. Wolverton House
Tanner Rev. James, Tower Hill
Professional Persons
Brewer Samuel, master of National School
Fowler Oliver, surgeon, Swan St
Holding William, attorney & clerk to the union, the magistrates, and commissioners of taxes, & superintendent registrar, Elm Grove
Inns and Public Houses
Anchor, Jeremiah Batt, Anchor Yard, George St
Black Horse, Robert Cane, George St
Falcon, William Herbert, Duke St
George and Horn, Thomas Haynes, George St
Swan (and excise office) Samuel Austin, Swan St
Shopkeepers and Traders
Tilney Elizabeth, shopkeeper, Swan St
Bew John, cooper, Swan St
Bradfield Richard. miller,, Upper mill
Brewer Sarah, milliner and dress maker, North St
Chance Frederick Richard, linen draper, grocer, and agent for the Phoenix fire and Pelican life offices, Market Place
Clarke Charles, plumber, glazier, and shopkeeper, Newbury Road
Cook Mary, boot and shoe maker, Market Place
Cribb John, sacking, rope and twine maker, North St
Dale Henry, shopkeeper, and registrar of births deaths and marriages, George St
Dibley Henry, butcher, Swan St
Dodd Henry, tailor, Swan St
Drake John, tanner, North St
Drake William, brewer, Duke St

Garrett Wm. wheelwright, Swan St
Gatehouse Thomas, grocer and draper, George St
Gurdon John, cooper, Swan St
Haukin George, baker, miller, plumber, glazier, and painter, Market Place
Hoare Charles, boot and shoe maker, Tower hill St
Hobbs George, saddler and harness maker, Swan St
Moss Mary, mistress of National School
Ruddle Henry, carpenter and maltster, Newbury road
Savery Joseph, tailor, George St
Seward Charles, blacksmith and farrier, George St
Seward John, blacksmith, North St
Sharp John, corn miller, North St
Sidery Charles, watch and clock maker, Market Place
Sidery William, shopkeeper and shoe maker, Market Place
Smith Shedrick, gardener and seedsman, Tower hill
Twitchin Jno, ironmonger, Market Place
Wallis John, blacksmith, Swan St
Wilson Saml, shoe maker, Swan St
Winkworth John, bricklayer and plasterer, George St
Conveyance by Railway
The nearest Station is Basingstoke, 9 miles S.E. on the London and South-Western Railway, from whence passengers may proceed to London, Winchester, Southampton, Portsmouth, and intermediate places. Particulars of the various Railway lines are furnished by the Railway Tables.
To ANDOVER, John Cribb, from his house, every Saturday morning; goes through Whitchurch.
To BASINGSTOKE, John Cribb, and William Rolf, from their houses, every Wednesday morning.
To NEWBURY, Isaac from his house, George St , daily
To ODIHAM, Wm. Rolf, from his house Horn St , every Monday & Thursday.
To READING, William Rolf, from his house, every Friday night.
To WINCHESTER, John Cooper, from the Swan, every Monday Thursday